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When you're selling your home, you don't want to wait for buyers to knock on your door - you want to bring your home to the buyers! Not only are you selling your home, you're also selling your lifestyle. You want buyers to want to live where you live, and how you live. A buyer's first impression is the one that they will carry with them. I have a comprehensive print and Internet marketing plan to help you sell your home fast and work side-by-side with you every step of the way! Contact me for a confidential consultation. If looking for more tips - check out my blog filled with articles!

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Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Investment

The selection of your Real Estate professional is critical to the success of the marketing and selling of your property. I offer a extensive portfolio of skills and resources to provide you the highest level of success, customer service and satisfaction. My role as your Real Estate Professional is to manage the process from start to finish; focused on your needs, wants and desires, focused on client deliverables.

My credentials include the following:

  • Associate Broker at JD & Associates Realtors
  • Member Anchor Bay Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Grosse Pointe Board of Realtors
  • Certified Short Sale Expert
  • Knowledgeable in all aspects of sales strategy including foreclosure and bank owned
  • Member & Participant in all S.E. Michigan multi-list services
  • I focus on the business side of real estate and the process, striving to maximize my client's position
  • Excellent negotiation and presentation skills, comprehensive knowledge of buildings and the dynamics of the marketplace
  • Extensive experience with the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Proven Buyer's & Sellers Expertise. $ Millions in sales
  • Lease Management and Property Management Services
  • Exclusive Realtor

My objective is to market and sell your property as quickly as possible at the maximum possible net price.

Definition of Marketing:
Marketing is: "the activity and process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large".


Making the "potential client" believe that you are offering greater value than price.

  • Creating Demand
  • Creating Desire
  • Communicating Unique "gone of a kind" opportunity
  • Maximizing exposure and communication to all potential customers

Pricing it "right" is a critical step

Pricing is an art, not a science, and combines the traditional tools of CMA( competitive market analysis), recent solds, the competition in the market, desired selling time and the unique attributes of the property.

The velocity pricing model simply means "sale pricing", or how fast do you want to close?

An alternative pricing strategy involves listing at a specific price point, driven by the owners position,with the expectation that the market will "come" to the seller.

With the exception of a cash sale or land contract, the final maximum price the sale will be completed for is determined by the bank/financing company appraiser.

Additional pricing tools and strategies reflect value of the proposition and possible alternate financing strategies like land contract or lease with option.

Lease pricing is driven by desirability of the home and projected needs of the tenant family, not by market value or what the mortgage payment might be.

Short Sale pricing is driven by the market price less some discount for the hassle of a delayed sale. An independent BPO will be requested by the Bank to confirm the sales price agreed to by seller and buyer.

Objective: Make the home a "good buy" so it goes "good bye"

Internet marketing:

  • My listings are communicated to BOTH multi-list providers in South Eastern Michigan, and over 500 Real Estate web sites via the Keller Williams internet strategy.
  • Listings are carefully created to insure accuracy of detail for all aspects of the documents.
  • Provide consultation for the legally required Sellers Disclosure.
  • Listings are posted on my web sites: and In addition to proprietary sites.
  • Listings are posted on local media where possible, eg craigslist, facebook
  • Keller Williams extensive network
  • Exclusive web sites purchased for the home: ie: 123 This web site can be transferred to the buyer for a year.

Traditional marketing:

  • Advertising is effective if focused to the target market, including neighbors.
  • Networking with local agents
  • Local newspaper advertising as appropriate.
  • Broker tours and broker open houses.
  • Weekly lead capture advertising in main stream media like the Grosse Pointe News
  • Open house events on Sundays

The Creative Process

I use words or phrases that generate a mental image of value. Look to the fashion and advertising world to create phrases that inspire the customer, for example:

  • Fabulous master suite
  • Recent updates include freshly painted in neutral colors
  • Magazine quality, gourmet, completely updated, etc kitchen.
  • Exquisite Architecture and authentic craftsmanship
  • Awesome finished basement
  • Serene garden setting
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • Generous proportions (or room sizes)
  • Outstanding value
  • Walking distance to schools, shopping, library
  • Energy efficient appliances, furnace, windows
  • Sell the community and benefits of community "membership" (parks, schools, etc)
  • Extensive use of professional quality photography which changes with the seasons. (No snow pics in July).

You have to detail to retail

I work and consult with my clients to remedy possible perceived initial negative impressions of a potentila buyers' first impressions. Strive to create an updated impression or significant added value with minimal investment for the seller.

For example:

  • A vessel sink vanity in a bath to replace a "home depot" sink.
  • Certificate of Occupancy completed (where necessary).
  • Impressive Kitchen faucet.
  • Home Warranty for your protection during listing and beyond.
  • New front door lock and knocker
  • Eliminate objectionable colors
  • De-clutter and remove personal effects

After listing, these steps are critical to success.

  • A professional and quality "yard sign".
  • Schedule a Broker only tour for all Realtors to show them the value we have for their clients.
  • Communicate to homes in the neighborhood with a letter telling them when first open house will be and suggesting that perhaps they have a friend or associate that may wish to live in their neighborhood.
  • Change the MLS listings at least twice a month. Up date the pictures, Change the price even by $100.
  • Use the power of Greed! Put an Agent bonus in the listing.
  • Network! Call or email local agents and let them know about this great opportunity.
  • Follow up with every showing to talk to the showing agent, get some feed back.
  • I schedule a "kitchen table meeting" at least once a month. At that meeting I show recent market activity, what has sold, what results and feed back we have and adjust and plan the strategy for the next month. Weekly phone calls or email.

The negotiation and post contract process.

  • I utilize my skills, expertise and experience to negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for my clients.
  • Utilize out of the box thinking to achieve the best possible result.
  • Confirm the buyers capability to perform to our standards and expectations.
  • Interview and qualify clients, especially important for leases, options and land contracts.
  • Arrange for a buyers' and inspectors' inspection of the home, post contract signing.
  • Confer with experts on an as needed basis.
  • Meet the mortgage appraiser at the home and provide an accurate CMA for their validation of the purchase price
  • Work with several title companies, depending on the complexity of the situation, insuring all documents are correctly processed.
  • Attend closing to verify a completed and correct transaction.
  • Provide a package of all documents for my clients files on paper or digital media.
  • Greet the new owners at their new home and present them with their ownership